iPhone 6 release date: When will Apple release new phone?

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular and well known phone in the world, and Apple’s recent deal to sell the phone in China only makes it more of a global device. But while the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S both came out this past fall, Apple users are always looking ahead to the next release from the company.

So far, the most up-to-date versions of the phones are the recently released 5c and 5S models. But rumors are already starting to swirl about the iPhone 6 with release dates being rumored from anywhere between this spring to this fall. So in an effort to weed out the truth, let’s take a look at when Apple is most likely to release the iPhone 6.

For starters, there hasn’t even been an announcement of the iPhone 6, so rumors that it could be released in April are likely bunk. However, an announcement of the iPhone 6 around this time isn’t out of the question, as that would start the hype for a fall release.

The iPhone 6 will be the next big line of phones from Apple, meaning a traditional fall release is the most likely date. It’s possible that the summer release rumors hold water, but it’s most likely that Apple will release the updated iOS 7.1 at this time as opposed to a new phone.

When do you think the iPhone 6 will come out and what features would you like to see included? Sound off in the comments section and get into the conversation.

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