Jennifer Lawrence goes crazy when hearing Homeland spoiler (Video)

It is nearly impossible not to be smitten with Jennifer Lawrence, and she was her usual charming self once again Lawrence was being interviewed by Access Hollywood on the Red Carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, when she lost her mind as Homeland star Damien Lewis walked up beside her.

Apparently Lawrence is a huge fan of the show, but she is not up to date on the season.

So when the reporter gave away a spoiler for the show, Lawrence went crazy. Lawrence appeared so upset with learning the spoiler that she looked like she had just watched her dog get hit by a car.

But of course, this is Jennifer Lawrence, so it was adorable.

If you want to see another reason why Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, then check out the video below. But you have been warned. If you are a fan of Homeland and have not caught up with all of the episodes, then you should watch the video on mute because spoilers will be given.

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