Michelle Obama posterizes Ray Allen, mean mugs Dwyane Wade (GIF)

It’s no secret that the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls hate each other. It’s also no secret that the Obama family love the Chicago Bulls. So when you get the Miami Heat in the same room as the First Family, sports math will tell you what’s likely to happen before it even happens.

But rather than rib the Heat like boring people would, the Obama’s took things to another level when the Miami visited the White House. Not only did President Obama troll Mario Chalmers, but his wife Michelle Obama took things a step further and posterized Ray Allen before mean mugging Dwyane Wade and showing him up.


Courtesy: @mdotbrown

And Michelle Obama seems like such a nice lady.

As Myles Brown — who tweeted out the GIF — put it, this is the GIF of the year. He’s not wrong either as it’s just an absolute perfect moment to have running on continuous loop. Deciding what’s best about this is hard though, as Michelle Obama’s enthusiastic mean mug was classic, but LeBron James’s expression throughout the entire series of events helps sell this as the GIF of the year.

The Heat may have two championships under their belt, but they can’t stop Michelle Obama.

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