Argentinian super model Fiorella Castillo shows off soccer skills (Video)

Soccer is the world’s most popular sports, and with as many super models that seem to come across from overseas, it shouldn’t be to surprising that some of them like soccer. For instance, take Argentinian super model Fiorella Castillo. Not only is she a soccer fan, she is a pretty talented soccer player.

In the video below Castillo showed off her ball-handling skills (grow up by the way) in Mar del Plata in Argentina on Sunday. More impressively, the 24-year old model, actress and producer did the whole thing in heels. She is also wearing a sports bra that looks like Argentina’s national jerseys.

My Spanish is bad but she says her two favorite players are unsurprisingly both Argentinian legends: Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Castillo also talks about her passion for “the beautiful game” and she explains why she wears high heels when performing kick-ups. My Spanish isn’t good enough to translate that for you though.

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