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American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale Preview ‘The Seven Wonders’ (Video)

Next week is the epic season finale of the smash hit FX Original Series American Horror Story: Coven. In next week’s episode, everything we have been leading towards the entire season will come to a head, and we will finally learn who will become to next Supreme.

Tonight’s episode was probably one of the bloodiest that we have seen all season long. Especially with the way the Coven “handled” their little Axeman problem.

Now that Cordelia and Queenie have gone to the cemetery and rescued Misty Day from the horrible fate that Madison has left her to, that brings yet another witch back into contention for the Supremacy of the Coven.

Also, with Zoe returning, the Coven is back at its whole. Well, as whole as it can be with taking into consideration the ones that have already fallen.

Each witch has been developing new powers as the time has passed by. As each day passes by, their powers have grown. Now, only one of them can arise as the new Supreme.

“Sunday, at dawn…it begins.”

There will be a new Supreme. Because Fiona never named her successor, it will be up to the Coven to find their new leader. Everyone will participate, only one will rise.

Here is a look at next week’s epic Season Finale of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “The Seven Wonders.”

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