Credit: Todd Hamilton

Apple iWatch concept design animation (Video)

Apple users, and general consumers all over, have been looking ahead to what the company has next in terms of innovative technology. Rumors of an iPhone 6 and the new iOS 7.1 have been swirling but when we think of Apple we think of wildly innovative gadgets we can play with.

Enter, the iWatch: the long rumored watch, which is basically an iPhone that acts as a watch. We’ve seen this gadget hit the marketplace in the past, as Samsung currently has the main major line of watch phone devices, but while that is a nice toy, everyone is looking to Apple to perfect the tech.

No information is available about the device, but a San Francisco based professional interface designer Todd Hamilton has created a concept animation video that we can only hope will become the real thing.

The design, which isn’t at all an official Apple design and isn’t pretending to be, seems to fuse the iPhone look with the Nike FuelBand.

Apple is expected to announce their new gadgets of the year sometime in the coming months, and while the iWatch might not be on the docket, at least we have this concept art to fantasize about.

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