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Baltimore Orioles concerned about Tyler Colvin's physical

It’s officially a thing.

Maybe the Baltimore Orioles will be right about Tyler Colvin and his back. Even if they are, this is officially a thing.

The Orioles appear to be getting ready to back out of another contract because of concerns over a physical, something they did to Grant Balfour earlier this off-season and have a troublesome history of doing that extends beyond that.

Jerry Crasnick reports that the Orioles are at it again with the recently signed outfielder:

What do they see that other teams don’t? In Colvin’s case, he did miss time last season, but Crasnick also reports that he seems to be healthy now:

The issue has more to do with the trend than with Colvin’s particular case. At some point players who have been hurt in their careers (which covers, you know, a lot of players), might be reluctant to sign with the Orioles. With each time they do this, they get closer to that tipping point.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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