Forbes lists highest paid NBA players

Forbes magazine has released a list of the top earners in the NBA. The list includes a lot of notable names but at least one surprise, and Forbes factored in not only salaries but endorsement deals when ranking the NBA’s highest earners.

Not so surprisingly, Kobe Bryant comes in at the top. Forbes writes:

Total earnings: $64.5 million
Salary: $30.5 million
Endorsements: $34 millionBryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension in November that will keep his on-court salary tops in the NBA.

And LeBron James comes in second.

Total earnings: $61.1 million
Salary: $19.1 million
Endorsements: $42 millionThe NBA’s top pitchman counts Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Samsung and Dunkin’ Donuts among his partners.

The rest of the list includes players definitely considered amongst the league’s best and biggest stars. There is only one foreign player in the top 10 and it might surprise you to find out who it is. This player has never had a sports agent and only has $500,000 in endorsements yet still made the list. Endorsements plays a big role for the players at the top, sometimes being higher than their actual salaries.

To find out who he is, head over to Forbes for the rest of the list.

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