AMC will air The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl during Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up fast, and as a result, networks are debating what to put up as counter programming. To be clear, no network on earth believes that they have something that will equally compete with the Super Bowl, but AMC is going to try anyways.

AMC is planning on airing a Zombie Bowl marathon that will start in the morning on Super Bowl Sunday and run through the big game at night. There’s nothing particularly special about the marathon other than it will feature the best episodes that pit humans against walkers.

Here’s a preview of the festivities:

While The Walking Dead won’t even come close to competing with the Super Bowl, the number don’t lie when it comes to how closely it has played the NFL all year long. The Walking Dead ran against Sunday Night Football on NBC this year, and it beat football in some key demographics according to the ratings.

That won’t even come close to happening on Super Bowl Sunday, but The Walking Dead is still holding it’s head high. Super Bowl Sunday will also mark the last Sunday we won’t have new episodes of The Walking Dead, as the show returns with the second half of the fourth season the following week.

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