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Bill Goldberg denies contract negotiations with the WWE on Twitter

It’s WrestleMania season and rumors have begun to swirl around a couple big names from professional wrestling’s past. This is the time of year that features a couple surprise returns from guys who helped pave the way for current Superstars on the roster.

Now Georgia Bulldog alumni Bill Goldberg started off in the National Football League but didn’t last that long. He then turned his attention to professional wrestling which put his name in over a million house holds world wide. While the WWE had Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WCW had Bill Goldberg.

It was always a match up that fans wanted to see during the WWE/WCW Monday Night Wars was going down. There would be signs of “Stone Cold Fears Goldberg” in the Nitro crowd and similar signs for those members of the WWE Universe.

Things have slowed down and a lot of wrestlers have walked away from the business. Goldberg being one of them. Bill left the company because he didn’t like the type of content that the company was putting out for the fans. He was mainly worried about families who attended live shows.

The company still had Diva’s being stripped of their clothing when Goldberg was apart of the business. So Goldberg took his ball and walked off the court after he took on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20.

10 Wrestle Mania’s later, Goldberg was rumored to be in talks with the WWE about a possible return. Of course he would have to sign a legends contract, but he recently denied these rumors on Twitter.

It’s a shame that Goldberg won’t be returning. I would have liked to see him spear Ryback just once.

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