Former WWE Superstars Bubba Ray and Rosey

Former WWE Superstar Rosey from 3 Minute Warning nearly died

If you were to watch old World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment videos, you would notice that most of the guys in the ring or even women, are dead. A lot of wrestlers have passed away early due to addictions they picked up while being on the road almost everyday of the year.

Others pass away from natural causes or accidents. The damage these athletes put each other through is ridiculous. It may be scripted, but the bumps they take are real and it does take a toll on them considering they do the same thing over and over almost everyday of the week.

It’s pretty much like the National Football League. Guys who have played for a long time, especially back in the day, have developed some issues along the way. Mainly with concussions. The WWE has tried to reach out to former stars who may be struggling with everyday life (unlike the NFL) and improve their life. It doesn’t matter if it’s rehab or not.

They want to do something before it’s too late. Now while we’re on this subject of tragedy, former WWE Superstar Rosey (aka Matt Anoi’a) has reportedly developed early stages of congestive heart failure and another condition. Rosey, who was a member of the brutal team called ’3 Minute Warning’ is the older brother of The Shield’s Roman Reigns.

Rosey was hospitalized this week due to heart problems. reports that his enlarged heart was only functioning at about 25 percent and had fluid building up. Doctors removed 62 pounds of fluid from his body and could look to remove another 30 or so before he leaves in a couple of days.

Hopefully everything is alright with Rosey and he’s able to return him safely to his family. Something like this could have easily killed him.

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