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Jadeveon Clowney threatens to sue sandwich shop over sign

South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has announced that he is going pro, and that means finally making money off his image. That means also going after using his name or image to make money.

Clowney’s agent Bus Cook reportedly threatened to sue a sandwich shop for using his name on its sign. Charlie Ruffalo, the owner of Sub Station II, had a sign outside his restaurant in Clowney’s hometown that read: “Hurry in for our Jadeveon Clowney sub, it goes really fast.”

And boom, he got a call from Cook.

He threatened to file an injunction to get me to take it down,” Ruffalo said. “I explained to him, ‘If you want to spend the time, effort and money of your client to take it down, I’ll do it for free if you are a nice guy.’”

Cook obviously defended his actions.

“I’ve been doing this business for twenty-something years. I’ve never known people to arbitrarily and openly take somebody’s name and use it for their benefit without getting permission. And that’s what this is.”

It could be seen as goliath coming down on the small guy, but he is right.

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