Could Justin Bieber be deported from the USA?


Love him or hate him, there is no doubt that Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Recently, he has been terrorizing American citizens with his love for speeding in luxurious cars and tossing eggs at his neighbors homes (allegedly), but his recent arrest has led to questions of much bigger issues for the star.

We often forget that Bieber is Canadian. That means any serious legal issues for the Biebs could lead to thousands of teenage girls crying as he gets kicked out of the country.

The good news for Bieber — and bad news for us — is that he is not facing any issues big enough to put his status in the country in jeopardy just yet. However, if he continues down his path of destruction and ends up slugging someone and getting an assault or felony charge, then his ass could be booted from America.

If that were to ever happen, the arresting officer should receive the nation’s highest honor.

Biebs can only get away with acting like an entitled, spoiled brat for so long before it all catches up to him, so perhaps this could be the wake up call he needs. Even if Bieber does get his crap together, he will remained ranked among the worst things to ever come from Canada. Just behind Tom Green and Usage-Based Internet Billing.

And hey, who knows, if Bieber gets deported then maybe Miley Cyrus will magically disappear. After all, we are pretty sure they’re the same person.

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