Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting

Could Sting and the WWE finally come to terms on a deal?

The world of professional wrestling could be turned upside down over the next couple months if the WWE and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting are able to agree to terms. This is something that has been picking up a lot of buzz over the last couple of years, but nothing has happened.

Sting is one guy from WCW who didn’t jump ship when Vince McMahon (or Shane if you followed the storyline) bought out the company. There have been plenty of opportunities for Sting to come to the WWE and possibly take a top spot with the company.

But as most of you professional wrestling fans know, he decided to roll with Total Non-Stop Action.

Talks about Sting and the WWE speaking to each other died down here and there but appear to be surfacing again according to With WrestleMania 30 coming up, the one that fans and organizations call ‘The Icon’ could possibly join the company that’s obviously beating TNA in ratings.

I wonder if he’s getting flashbacks of what it was like to be apart of the Monday Night Wars? Those were some entertaining Monday nights if you were a professional wrestling fan.

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