WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Tweets about Jim Ross and FOX Sports

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross both paved the ways for those who are looking to follow in their foot steps. It doesn’t matter if it’s some random teenager who wishes and hopes to be a professional wrestler or color commentator, even their own kids.

Both of these men made a huge impact on this sport and have gone down as two of the best performers ever when it comes to their jobs. Steve Austin and Jim Ross had solid chemistry whenever they were working together on television. These two have been friends for a very long time and still are til this day.

Now today Jim Ross announced on Twitter that he was picked up by FOX Sports and will be posting for them on their website. Stone Cold Steve Austin got word of this and sent out a couple Tweets of his own.

Steve Austin sent out two separate Tweets, congratulating his long-time friend on the new career path. Class act by the former WWE Champion.

Steve Austin’s last Tweet was something he pulled out of Jim Ross’s playbook. J.R. has a lot of phrases he would shout during matches, especially ones that had some major bumps.

Once again, congratulations to Jim Ross on his new chapter in life with FOX Sports.

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