Fifty Shades of Grey releases first official poster (Photo)


It has already had it’s fair share of production issues, from a pushed back release date to it’s original lead actor dropping out, but Fifty Shades of Grey appears to be moving forward and has unveiled our first look at the film. No trailer has been released and there won’t be a Super Bowl campaign, but the first poster for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released.

The poster doesn’t show much and hardly digs into the film’s erotic nature, but the poster is suggestive enough to get fans of the book interested in seeing more.


The poster release makes the start of promotional campaign that will see billboards in major cities go up this weekend. The billboards re reportedly going to be placed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle.

As far as a trailer goes, the film doesn’t hit theaters until February 2015, which means nothing is likely to debut until much later in the year. It’s possible that audiences could get teased with some early looks at the film over the summer.

We won’t know if the film adaptation lives up to the hype, but this suggestive and subtle poster seems to be what fans may have been wanting out of the film.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly

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