Grammy Awards 2014: Daft Punk to wear authentic Star Wars helmets during performance


The Grammy Awards are this Sunday which means we are getting closer and closer to the many performances lined up on the night. One of the sets includes a performance by the duo Daft Punk, who will be performing alongside Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. According to The Hollywood Reporter, we can expect to see the French duo wearing not their own trademark helmets, but the iconic helmets of the stormtroopers from Star Wars. 


According to a source, the masks look like they could be from theThe Empire Strikes Back era and appear to be authentic.

This is coming as a bit of surprise to some, who expected to see the DJ duo in their traditional outfits seen around the world in their various music videos and concerts. Rather, they will be wearing the helmets of the stormtroopers instead and they appear to be authentic from the vault at Lucasfilm.

Of course, it’s possible to have acquired authentic helmets though other means, as memorabilia dealers are everywhere with Star Wars material, but the French DJ duo mixing things up with the helmets at the last minute means there may be more surprises in store for when they perform.

You can catch the Grammy Awards this Sunday on CBS.

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