Houston Texans cheerleader gives behind-the-scenes tour of bikini photo shoot (Video)


The Pro Bowl is right around the corner, and that  means that the festivities in Hawaii are starting to get underway. While the players are the main attraction at the Pro Bowl, they aren’t the only ones being honored with a trip to Hawaii for the season they’ve had.

NFL cheerleaders were also selected to represent their teams at the Pro Bowl, as even though we hardly think about it, they’re also athletes performing on the field every Sunday. One of the teams sending cheerleaders is the Houston Texans and one of their cheerleaders gave fans an behind-the-scenes look at one of the bikini photo shoots going on to promote the big game.

We tend to ignore cheerleaders on Sunday when it comes to the athletic aspect of things, as they seem to be there for purely supplemental entertainment. But these photo shoots show that the football players who fill stadiums aren’t the only ones on Sunday that are athletically superior to the fans watching the games.

You can catch Casey and her fellow NFL cheerleaders when they appear at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii this year, which is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday and will air on NBC.

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