Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms sapphire glass to be used on products


The new year means a new batch of Apple rumors making the rounds, as consumers are constantly looking for the next product the company will produce. While we always look to Apple for wildly innovative devices, the company has been taking the time to refine their current products and CEO Tim Cook tipped his hand to a massive alteration to future products that could help keep Apple at the cutting edge.

Cook confirmed recently to ABC News’ David Muir, that Apple has set up a sapphire glass plant in Arizona, which means that the company will be using the glass on future products. Cook played coy and didn’t directly say that this is what the plant was for, but it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

For those who don’t know, sapphire glass is known for it’s resistance to scratches, scrapes and cracks, which means that putting it in the iPhone 6 could lead to a more durable screen that even eliminates the need for screen protectors.

Cook didn’t confirm what products the glass will be used on, but many Apple consumers are starting to think that the durable, scratch resistant glass could lead to an iWatch finally being manufactured and released by the company.

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