James Franklin calls himself 'CEO of Penn State Football'


After giving himself the title of “CEO of Penn State Football,” head coach James Franklin feels like he has a good plan set for the future of the team. From ESPN,

“I feel like we have a really good plan,” said Franklin, who introduced his nine-man coaching staff Friday at Beaver Stadium. “I’m really excited about the staff we’ve been able to put together.”

As far as the athletes go, Franklin has a plan to make them all compete for the starting job, no matter how much experience they have.

“The most important thing is these kids all start with a clean slate and they have opportunity to earn starting jobs,” he said.

“There are no returning starters at any position … at any position. Every single day these guys are going to wake up and they’re going to earn their job. We’re going to create the most competitive experience we possibly can.”

It will be interesting for sure to see how Franklin’s new plan for the team goes as we look ahead to the start of next season. Franklin plans to bring stabilitiy back to a team that was used to having it for so long under Joe Paterno.

What do you think of James Franklin’s now ideas for the upcoming season of Penn State Football? Sound of in the comments below.

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