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July 14, 2012; Portland, OR, USA; Keith Jardine (black shorts) fights with Roger Gracie (white shorts) at MMA Strikeforce at the Rose Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Jardine chases down, apprehends thief

UFC and Strikeforce veteran Keith Jardine was one of the most intimidating fighters in mixed martial arts thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Techno Viking, and you certainly wouldn’t want him after you if you were an untrained citizen on the streets.

Unfortunately for 41 year old Richard J. Davenport, he learned that the hard way.

Jardine was sitting on his computer in his Albuquerque, New Mexico home, when he looked outside and watched a man steal the mail from his mailbox. Jardine immediately chased down the man, before dragging him out of his car and waiting for police to arrive.

“I look out the window and I see a car pulling up,” said Jardine.

“Some guy gets out, goes to my mailbox and grabs all my mail, throws it in his car and then speeds off. I find my keys, run out of the house, jump in my Bronco, and I chase down the street after him.

“I drive up right next to him and I point at him and he speeds off. Then I speed past him and I slammed my Bronco right in front of him and I cut him off.

“I reached back like I was going to hit him and right then he yielded to everything. I pulled him out of the car.”

Davenport was taken to jail after being arrested on the scene when police found mail from other people in his vehicle. Davenport had a handful of past convictions. This is just he latest instance where you quickly learn that you do not want to mess with the wrong people.


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