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Man City boss Manuel Pellegrini says moves like Mata's should be banned

Chelsea’s transfer of Juan Mata to Manchester United has been praised by pundits as an incredibly smart tactical move by strengthening a team that still has yet to play Manchester City and Arsenal, the two teams ahead of Chelsea in the table. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he thought the move was unfair and now City’s Manuel Pellegrini is saying he thinks a move like that should be banned.

“Personally I don’t agree that the player can go from one team to another team in the same league at this part of the year, but rules are rules and he can change clubs,” Pellegrini said, via Sky Sports.

“I think if a player plays for a club for more than half of the season, a club with money can take the best players from the other teams. But the rules allow it, so (there is) nothing to say.”

“You can have the window of course. Maybe a player that played three games in a team is not involved the same as an important player. I am talking about fair play. If you allow that, maybe teams with a lot of money can buy important players from the teams fighting with them for the title.”

“I think in this transfer window, players that play more than five or six games for the same club cannot change to another.”

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