Sep 24, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam Dunn (32) reacts after striking out in the second inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Rumors: White Sox may trade Adam Dunn

The Chicago White Sox may have a problem going into this season.

They have too many first baseman.

With the addition of free agent slugger Jose Abreu and Paul Konerko still on the White Sox roster, that leaves an odd-man out which could be the powerful Adam Dunn. The White Sox don’t want to platoon Konerko and Dunn and given that Abreu is the team’s future at first base, ESPN’s Buster Olney believes the team may look to trade Dunn.

Eventually, you figure White Sox will need the roster flexibility, and clearly odd man out would be Dunn, given Abreu $ and Konerko legacy.

It’s pretty hard to figure the White Sox will get much of a return for Dunn, who despite 75 home runs in the past two seasons hasn’t hit over .219 in that span.

A best case scenario might be a salary dump with a middle-level prospect returning at best, which isn’t all that bad considering Dunn is essentially worthless outside of the occasional home run or base on ball.

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  • Pedemegonz

    Dunn should be done. The Sox may have blown their best chance to trade him when Milwaukee signed Mark Reynolds. There’s still the Yankees who aren’t sure if Teixeira will ever return to pre 2012 form and are looking for some insurance at first. Ichiro is only signed through 2014 at $6.5 million and is definitely their 5th outfielder. With Ichiro, the Sox could trade De Aza to someone who would overlook the brain cramps to get a left handed hitting outfielder who hit 17 hrs in the American League.

  • bill leff

    Since Kenny traded Rowand for Thome, the Sox have been stuck in this home run or nothing mentality that has been frustrating to watch as a fan. Rick Hahn is cleaning it up now, but signing Dunn was such a bust it’s historic. When that signing was announced I was so sad & guessed that we were in for more of the big homer or nothing days. Who knew how bad Dunn was going to be?! I know the Sox won’t release him but even nothing would be better than watching him strike out 200 times again. Actually, I am hoping Dunn, Keppinger (not likely with that surgery), & De Aza, all are moved. As a fan I’d be willing to watch another 99 loss season as long as there was a better effort being made on their field.

    • coldgoldenfalstaff

      We still have a few more homer or nothing hitters to dump once Dunn is gone. Flowers and Viciedo are almost as bad as Dunn, just younger and cheaper so we may be able to get something decent for them if thy have slightly better first halves.

      I’d prefer the more versatile DeAza over Mr. Swing at everything in LF, for a start.

  • J Michael Machacek

    At the end of last season the Pirates were talking Dunn!

  • Edwin Masters

    I have seen a few examples of a ‘drop off’ when a slugger goes from the National to American League…. but who could have predicted the decline we’ve seen in Adam Dunn? I wish they could move Dunn but who’d be crazy enough to take Dunn and give up someone valuable in return? Maybe we could package Dunn & Keppinger together for an allstar… and maybe I could win 50 million in the lotto!

  • RustyJones

    No love for Dunn, but “J Mike” is right – if he gets off to a good start then by mid-season somebody might be willing to part with a decent prospect or pick up a good chunk of his salary (both is too much to hope for).