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Saturday Night Live goofs Sochi Olympics, Putin and figure skating


Tonight marked the night where Jonah hill dropped by Saturday Night Live to host his third show of his career. The Oscar nominated actor has a history go being a funny man, so there wasn’t much doubt that he’d be a great host. But there were doubts about the opening sketch, which is usually hit or miss and has lately been very so-so in quality.

Last week, we saw the opening sketch get in and get out without bogging things down too much, and we even saw host Drake show up in the sketch.

This week, the opening sketch goofed the Sochi Olympics, something that NBC will be airing exclusively on it’s family of networks. The bit surrounded the controversy surrounding the anti-gay laws in Russia which led the USA to putting together a B-team of lesser talented but heterosexual skaters.

Overall, the sketch wasn’t that great, although it was a nice attempt at being clever about the anti-gay laws hanging over the Olympics. Still, the figure skating cold open really got the show off to a slow start and sets things up for Jonah Hill to have to rescue the show.

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