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Stone Cold Steve Austin will interview Gabriel Iglesias on his podcast

Stone Cold Steve Austin once ruled the world or professional wrestling. He was hands down one of the toughest athletes to lace up a pair of boots besides Mick Foley. Steve Austin scratched and clawed his way to the top, not letting anybody get in his way. And if you did get in his way, he made sure to hit you with a ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ and trash talk you while you looked up at the lights.

Now that he’s done ruling the world of professional wrestling, Steve Austin has taken on another career path just like his buddy Jim Ross. No he doesn’t write columns for websites, he actually does pod-casts. I’ve listened to a couple here and there and it reminds me of how he used to work the microphone when he was a full time wrestler for the WWE.

The man doesn’t hold back on his own show and will tell you exactly how it is or what he’s feeling. He’s had a handful of professional wrestlers and other celebrities on his show. He gets a decent amount of viewers and has one of the hottest pod-casts on the internet.

Steve Austin interviewed his old buddy Diamond Dallas Page the other day and already has his next couple of guests lined up. On Tuesday, Stone Cold will interview WWE music guru Jim Johnston. His biggest guest of the year will also have a lineup slot next week, professional wrestling fanatic and famous comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias.

Now I’m sure Gabriel will be talking about what’s going on with his comedy tour and his upcoming movie ‘A Haunted House 2′. But since he’s a huge professional wrestling fan, I’m sure they’ll be talking about the Royal Rumble and events to come before the biggest sports entertainment event on April 6th, WrestleMania 30.

You can check out Stone Cold’s uncensored and uncut pod-casts by clicking here.

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