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Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp questions his team's desire

Borussia Dortmund only managed to get a draw against FC Augsburg, and that has coach Jurgen Klopp questioning his side’s desire. They’ve fallen 14 points behind Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga table event though they sit in third place.

From Sky Sports:

“We had such high hopes, but then the team suddenly cramped up at a certain stage and we lost all the ease of our play,” he said.

“I could only very rarely see the joy in this wonderful game. Our opponents showed it a lot more because they liked to make a physical game out of it.”

Klopp says it was Augsburg’s physical approach which disrupted his side’s rhythm.

“Whenever we got into a flow, they would break it up with tactical fouls,” he told Sky television.

“It didn’t get any better, it just became wilder. Our opponents did it well.

“We can definitely play better than this, no doubt about it, but we’ve got to do that too.”

The Bundesliga title is surely out of reach down 14 points at this point in the season.

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