Grammy Awards 2014: Beyonce twerking (GIF)

If you were not tuning in to the 2014 Grammy Awards, then you missed a performance that set the internet on fire. With Beyonce taking the stage to put on a show, she busted out some impressive twerking that would have made Miley Cyrus proud.

Of course, Miley caught a lot of heat for her twerking performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, but Beyonce received some praise for her dirty dance moves.

But enough talking, have a look for yourself:

Just take a minute to enjoy that GIF. If you watch it for a few minutes, we won’t judge you.

To make things even better, Jay Z came out on the stage as Beyonce was lighting things up with her twerking.

Who said the Grammys wouldn’t be great? If it doesn’t get any better than Beyonce’s performance, that is perfectly okay because she killed it.

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