Grammy Awards 2014: Daft Punk turns in epic performance (Video)


The Grammy Awards were tonight, which meant that we saw five minutes of awards handed out and three hours of performances and musical acts. There was nothing wrong with the Grammys being one huge concert, it’s just that not all of the acts were that great.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr getting together on stage was pretty spectacular, but not even that could live up to what was without a doubt the coolest performance of the night. If people around the world weren’t fans of Daft Punk before tonight’s Grammy Awards, then they sure were after the French DJ duo turned in an epic and rare performance.

The duo have been around forever, but they just recently saw a resurgence in popularity thanks to their Grammy winning album. The DJ duo turned in a fantastical and vibrant light show that perfectly aided their performance unlike any other on the night. There had been attempts at theatrics, but no one nailed it like Daft Punk did.

Again, if you weren’t a Daft Punk fan before this, then you are now.

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