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Grammy Awards 2014: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Perform, Couples Marry (Video)

As I have said many times before, tonight’s airing of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards has been full of firsts. Between the Beatles reunion, a high flying performance from Pink, and a rendition of Metallica’s hit song “One” like you have never imagined, one would think that they have seen it all. Then, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came along.

Now, while we have heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform their song “Same Love” on numerous different occasions, tonight was somewhat (and by somewhat, we mean very) different.

They took the stage with Mary Lambert to belt out the tale of acceptance of love for all, but then things would kick into high gear. They would be joined onstage Queen Latifah.

Tonight, 34 couples of all colors, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations joined hands to be joined as one with the entire world as their witnesses.

After the couples were joined, the best was not yet behind us. They were joined onstage by a rather dapper looking Madonna who busted out a rendition of her song “Open Your Heart” from her album True Blue.

In case you missed it, or if you just want to watch it all over again, here is a look at the performance.

What did you think of tonight’s performance? What do you think of the message that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are trying to spread through their music? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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