Grammy Awards 2014: Paul McCartney is very surprised to win (GIF)


The Grammy Awards are bing handed to tonight and plenty of mainstream acts are getting showered with praise. A lot of the winners expect to win, as there wasn’t a whole lot of drama about Macklemore, Daft Punk or any of the other winners.

But ask Sir Paul McCartney if he expected to win and he’ll likely tell you he didn’t. Even if he did, he was pretty loose when camera showed him after he and the surviving members of Nirvana won Best Rock Song for Cut Me Some Slack. He shot CBS camera a surprised look which either meant he was surprised to win or he was surprised to see that camera are mobile in this day and age.

lol wtf

We shouldn’t make old jokes about McCartney, as aside from the Nirvana band members he won his award with, Paul McCartney might be the realest artist at the Grammys tonight.

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