Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio reenact classic Titanic scene on SNL (Video)

Last night, Jonah Hill hosted Saturday Night Live and we had ourselves a few cameos on the night. Michael Cera showed up in a pretty funny spoof of the movie Her, but the best cameo — and arguably the highlight of the night — came at the beginning of the show when Leonardo DiCaprio dropped by to help his buddy out.

Hill and DiCaprio recently shot The Wolf of Wall Street together and both secured Oscar nominations for their work. But they didn’t reenact any of their scenes together in The Wolf of Wall Street, rather they went into the vault and pulled out a classic scene from the beginning of DiCaprio’s career.

The Titanic bit was the best moment of the night by far, as the sketches proceeded to fall flat for the most part. But his little reenactment was amazing for more than one reason, not the least of which is the fact that DiCaprio fully committed to the bit.

You can tell that DiCaprio hates this scene, just like music artists hate singing their overplayed hit songs, but he jumped right into the bit anyways. We don’t often see DiCaprio’s goofy side away from the big screen, so to see him goof one of his most popular scenes was refreshing and helped save the show from being a total disaster.

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