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NBA Rumors: Rockets to be buyers at trade deadline

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When the Houston Rockets signed Dwight Howard this past offseason, it was clear they were going for broke.

So it only makes sense that they plan to be buyers during the NBA’s upcoming trade deadline according to general manager Daryl Morey.

“We’re valuing now and this season much higher than we have in the past. We feel like, while maybe not the favorite, we have a legit chance to win the title this year. So if an opportunity presents itself to get a lot better this year, we’ll do it. We’ll give up some future for now.

“We’ll push down the future if it pushes up today high enough. If we can push up the future dramatically, we’d even push down today a little bit.”

The interesting take from that is Houston, who is obviously looking to improve, would also be willing to take a step backwards if it found a trade that would improve them down the road.

That of course is unlikely to happen with their current roster, but still interesting to note.

This comes on the heels of a report that suggested the Rockets expect Omer Asik to remain with the team through the remainder of his contract.

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