Pharrell Williams' hat has a Twitter account that puts hats on things


One of the biggest talkers from the Grammy Awards this year has been Pharrell William’s weird Canadian trooper hat that he’s wearing, as it’s caused a stir on social media and from everyone who has eyes. But while the hat has dominated some conversations, it took less than three hours for




So far the account hasn’t popped yet but it’s getting there has it haslmost almost 1,000 followers after being up for a short amount of time.

We can also expect plenty of more Twitter parody accounts for Pharrell’s hat as it’s so far been a big winner at the Grammys. Despite looking totally and completely ridiculous, the hat has made waves everywhere as never before has an ugly hat been met with this much reception that wasn’t negative.

Maybe it’s because the hat isn’t that bad, maybe it because Pharrell is somehow pulling it off, but the real winner at the Grammys has been an eight foot tall hat.

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