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Rangers’ Derek Holland says Stars’ Bieber prank is there new ‘rally Beiber’

The Texas Rangers know a thing or two about rallies. They’ve seen their divisional rival’s, the Los Angeles Angels, “rally Monkey.” Of course there is the generic “rally cap” throughout all of baseball. Rangers pitcher Derek Holland saw the Stars photo prank of Justin Bieber on their Jumbotron and thinked it helped turn around their game.

Holland has dubbed it the “Rally Beiber.”

“I had everybody showing me that on the Twitter world, and it was pretty cool so I decided to call that the ‘Rally Bieber,’” Holland said, via the Dallas Morning News. “As soon as I saw the first one, goals just started flying. It was just unbelievable. I have no clue what happened (regarding Bieber’s arrest). I don’t care about that junk. I don’t really care for too much of his music. I don’t really listen to it.”

If they use it throughout the rest of the season and manage to win the Stanley Cup, he should get a ring. Holland is a big Stars fan too.

“I feel like we don’t talk about the Stars enough. I feel they need to get more publicity. I mean, it is Dallas’ team. I’m pretty sure we’re trying to make Dallas the place to be. That starts with all teams not just one. We got to get some support for these guys. I think everybody scored (against the Maple Leafs).  They got the touchdown, kicked a field goal, they did it all yesterday. It was awesome.”

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