Saturday Night Live review: Was Jonah Hill funny?


Jonah Hill dropped by Saturday Night Live to host the show for the third time in his career, and while things looked like they could have gone south quickly, the night was saved by the raw energy that the Oscar nominated actor brought to the show.

There were actually two Oscar nominated actors in the building, as after a so-so cold open fell flatter than we’d have liked, Leonardo DiCaprio came by to surprise Jonah Hill and help him get things back on track. The duo ended up reenacting an iconic scene from Titanic, with DiCaprio completely committing to the bit, something that helped get the night back on track.

But as far as the sketches went, Jonah Hill’s comedic past helped the writers lean on the more bizarre and strange sketches, such as one that saw Hill and Cecily Strong grooming a violent, blood thirsty horse. That particular sketch fell flat and didn’t really develop much despite going on for a nice chunk of time.

That seemed to be a theme on the night, as Hill’s energy kept us interested, but the sketches were definitely on the weaker side of things. Even the usually spot-on Kyle Mooney digital short was a bit too avant-garde, as the Inside SoCal was way too dry with the humor and failed to deliver the proper punchlines.

Still, much like we saw last week with Drake hosting, it was Jonah Hill’s enthusiasm and full commitment to each and every sketch that saved the night from being a total disaster.

We should expect an Oscar nominated actor to be able to carry an entire show, but if you stopped watching after the Titanic bit with Leonardo DiCaprio, you didn’t miss much.

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