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WWE's Big Show reportedly injured his hand during a house show

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Tonight one of the companies largest athlete’s in his history will take on one of it’s strongest. The Big Show will be taking on former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar in what has to be one of the top matches on the card for tonight’s event.

Big Show has never backed down from Brock Lesnar. These two have clashed more than a dozen times when Lesnar first started off with the company. The only difference now is that Lesnar is a completely different monster after he took the mixed martial arts world by storm.

Show and Lesnar have had brief confrontations over the last couple of weeks, which resulted in Show ‘man handling’ Lesnar as if he was a child. He sent Brock flying across the ring and nearly landing on his head almost every time. I know it’s a timed jump, but he’s come pretty close to landing on the top of his head a few times.

Now last during a house show in Reading, Pennsylvania, Big Show was taking on Kane. These two have been matched up over the last couple of WWE live events, so it was supposed to be another match to fill the non-televised event.

According to, a fan who attended the event said that it looked like Big Show hurt his hand during the match. It may not be enough to keep him out of the contest, but could have a wrap of some sort around that injured hand.

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