2014 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Senior Bowl edition

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Over the past week, a number of the top senior prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft class were putting their skills on display in Mobile, Alabama for NFL scouts and personnel members for the Senior Bowl.

Throughout the week, a handful of players significantly improved their draft stock and worked their way into the first-round discussion, so now it is time to look back and take a new look at how the first round of the draft could play out with our updated NFL Mock Draft.

What prospects could be on your favorite team’s radar?

Here is a look at the latest first-round projections:

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  • Julien Bélair

    I like dee ford a lot but i’d prefer kelvin benjamin

  • Old Frog

    I’ve been calling for Cyril Richardson for a month but after watching the Senior Bowl, it looks like Zack Martin may be the better pick for the OL. Add Yankey to the mix and I’d be happy with any one of the three and I don’t care which round just as long as one of them ends up wearing the Star.

  • Tom Weissmann

    I’d rather have Matthews protecting the blind side for the next decade with some extra cap space than Barr, Mack or some other position that is unneeded as much as offensive line right now.

    • Julien Bélair

      I rather have Mack and his unique potentiel than a LT. Much harder to find. But im not high on Barr

      • Tom Weissmann

        It would make sense for a team that runs a 3-4, not a 4-3. The Bucs are already good against the run and should only get better with Frazier and Lovie running the defense. Why devote so much to an already good unit when they can improve on the other side of the ball instead? The defense wasn’t the side who finished dead last. Why not improve the weaker side? If that doesn’t make sense, please tell me why because I don’t see it.

        • Julien Bélair

          I am not a bucs fan so I don’t know their schemes and everything but my point is the draft got a lot of talent in pass rushers which is hard to find and that is why I think they should draft one and I prefer Mack over Barr. Now I don’t know if this is a perfect fit or not but I believe Mack could adapt and play on the other side of your beast (lavonta david)

          • Tom Weissmann

            He would be a good strong side backer but Lovie doesn’t blitz his linebackers enough to fulfill the potential of Mack’s pass rushing abilities. I’d rather have them trade up to get Clowney than use a pick on a guy who would be an undersized D-end. Tampa has a solid linebacker core as of now and that’s one of their stronger units so rather than over stressing the position I’d want them to build up the line to take some heat off them as well as the secondary. The line directly affects the linebackers and secondary through the run and pass respectively. It just makes sense to look into an area where there’s a trickle down effect and to help out the other units rather than just the backers.

          • Julien Bélair

            you guys are in a bad spot. Watkins would have been perfect. I can see you trade down with someone interested in Barr/Mack and then take Lee or a LT

          • Tom Weissmann

            You can say that again. I agree or if say Watkins is still there, trade down a few spots with Detroit or someone who wants him. What’s San Diego’s plan of attack in the draft? I heard you guys could use some secondary help but the top two corners will probably be gone. At that point though, second rounders aren’t really reaches.

          • Julien Bélair

            we have a lot of options so it is hard to tell. Don’t be surprise if we go with Lee or Nix if available. If not it could be a safety corner but more probably a pass rusher like dee ford

          • Tom Weissmann

            It’s always best not to be surprised by who gets drafted than its less of a letdown if isn’t someone you wanted. Yeah the offense looked great this year so anyone of those guys would help, especially Nix. A pass rushing threat who can also take up space is never a bad pick. That would be awesome if he falls that far.

          • Julien Bélair

            He is my top choice but I don’t think he will fall but hey you never know just look at shariff Floyd last year

    • Gary Stewart

      hard to argue your point but it would help if you told us what team you are talking about!!

      • Tom Weissmann

        Tampa Bay. I’ve seen at least eight different players being mocked to them but only a left tackle makes sense. Tampa’s writer seems to think that passing on a tackle (the Bucs were dead last in total offense) for a middle linebacker on a defense that was ranked 17th. Hmm, common sense says offense but for whatever reason, wasting money on a washed up tackle, while also upgrading at the same time is foolish. I’m sorry that I make sense AND I want the Bucs to win. Is that such a bad thing?

  • White Rabbit

    I’m loving the idea of Hageman to Green Bay. He can play inside and Outside in the DL and gives the Packers the flexability to run some Hybrid concepts when paired with Jones and Neal.

    • shawn_jhnstn@yahoo.com

      Please stupid ads packers don’t take my first gopher football 1st round pick since maroney with the pats. I don’t wanna have to hate him for being a loser on that team in loserville Wisconsin

  • Ron Fulton

    I think the Bengals are making a mistake taking a CB at number 1. Hasn’t the Kirkpatrick fiasco taught them anything. They need to take a linebacker at that pick.

  • joe jo

    I hope the steelers can land mosley! Good mock, looks pretty accurate.

  • CaptainAmerica

    Louis Nix to the Bears would be perfect. Add Paul Soliai – 6-4, 355 DT from the Dolphins in free agency, and you fix your run defense with 2, 350 pound space eaters. Let Melton, Collins, Wooten walk, and cut Peppers. Shea moves to a 3-4 OLB, like he should have always been, and use Peppers money to sign Orakpo away from the Redskins. Paea, Nix, and Soliai would be tough for any 5 offfensive lineman to move off the ball in the run game.

  • Anthony Bojic

    Why would the Rams add another DE?

    • Jared Myers

      Exactly. A trade-down is more likely — and if not, Sammy Watkins or Jake Matthews both fill bigger needs.

      • Gary Stewart

        watkins if we trade to 6-8 range is fine if higher im liking
        robinson out of auburn over matthews but i like your direction for the rams!!

    • Gary Stewart

      the rams would add another DE only if they go with the BPA philosophy. i floated an interesting idea the rams wait at #2 and if clowney isnt picked at #1 then we trade with atlanta either for 2-3 extra picks or straight up their #6 pick for chris long then take clowney at #2 greg robinson or matthews at #6 and then haha dix at 13 and atlanta gets a proven DE with their 6th pick could work!!

  • Tynan Patrick

    With Kubiak in Baltimore, Evans looks like a terrible fit. He would have to spend a year learning to run routes before he ever touched the field in that scheme. Lee and Mathews are much better fits.