Super Bowl Commercials: Full House ad gets super dirty super fast (Video)

If you haven’t heard by now, the Full House gang is getting back together to film a Dannon Oikos commercial for the Super Bowl. Bob Saget, David Coulier and John Stamos are back in character, but the jokes seem to have matured since we last saw them on the air together.

The latest updated ad, which continues to tease an epic Super Bowl commercial featuring the trio, sees John Stamos getting cleaned up by a very attractive woman. The gag is that every time he leaves some yogurt on his face, the woman licks it off. This of course leads Stamos to then drop some yogurt into his lap, something that many are deeming a little racy.

Everything is broke up at the last moment though as Coulier and Saget tell him to be more careful when he’s eating. The bit seems like something Saget must have had a lot of input in, as it sounds like something right out of his filthy standup routine. But the timing of everything works in classic Super Bowl commercial fashion, and the payoff with the interruption is golden.

So far, the first two ads teasing the final ad have been pretty good, which sets the bar awfully high for the ad we can expect to see during the Super Bowl next weekend.

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