Pro Bowl 2014: Shirtless woman in bikini streaks after Jordan Cameron TD (GIF)

The NFL Pro Bowl was last night and it was actually entertaining on a few different levels. For starters, the Pro Bowl draft was mildly entertaining and the game itself ended up being rather competitive thanks to the non-conferenced rosters. We also had a streaker that took everyone by surprise, as the Pro bowl streaker wasn’t a fat, drunken, shirtless man — it was a shirtless woman.

Cameron’s touchdown catch late in the fourth quarter was interrupted by a woman in a poncho cape who came storming on the field before ditching the cape after running out of the endzone.


Credit: B/R


Credit: B/R

The shirtless, poncho-less woman had a bikini and shorts on, so it’s not as risqué as it seems and it really sort of died quicker than we’d have liked. It’s interesting that the highlight of a woman streaking is when she was wearing a cape, but we still got to see a woman running around the Pro Bowl in a poncho cape so we’ll just chalk this one up as a win for everyone.

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