Amazon plans to launch Android console later this year


The online retail giant Amazon seemingly has their hands in everything these days and their next target is the gaming industry. They’re planning to launch a dedicated games and entertainment device later this year priced below $300.

The device will run the Android operating system, while competing with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, offering the streaming and downloading of games, music, movies and TV content.

There’s a unit being shown to publishers that’s about the size of the PSone in a grey color with sharp edges. Amazon is making the console very affordable by keeping the cost below $300. This is a similar pricing move to them marketing the Kindle Fire HD against the high-end products from Apple.

Amazon already has a significant digital entertainment business covering the sale, rental and delivery of music, film, TV and games, as well as hardware success with the Kindle and Kindle Fire HD.

The new console is being designed as a central point in the living room to group all of these services together.

As well as competition from the big three console makers, the system will take on microconsoles like the Ouya or Gamestick that so far have failed to find an audience.

The difference for Amazon is that they have an active customer base of 200 million people along with their payment details, 10 million of which are said to subscribe to their $79-a-year Prime Service.

According to TechCrunch, the console will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processsors.

The big thing with this is can it appeal to gamers that already have a console by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft? The function to stream games is nice, but it depends on which games will work with the device.

It will interesting to see if this console can have success considering it’s late to the party.

You can sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on this and if you plan the purchase the new console from Amazon when it releases.





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