Georgia high school wrestler Demetrius de Moors loses match but wins over hearts (Video)

Wrestling in high school is a pretty big deal, and in certain parts of the country it’s bigger than others. In Georgia, the Atlanta South Metro Wrestling Tournament is one of the biggest events in the sport, and it was an event that both Demetrius de Moors and Michael Lind trained hard to get to.

The only difference between the two boys is that Michael Lind has Down Syndrome and Demetrius de Moors does not, but that didn’t stop the two from giving us one of the most touching and heart warming moments you’ll see all year.

All of this went down last year in Atlanta, when Demetrius de Moors battled through the loss of his father, who died in Iraq, to make it to the event that he had been dreaming of his whole career. But when he got there he encountered Michael Lind, a wrestler with Down Syndrome, and the two became forever bonded.

Demetrius de Moors didn’t win his match against Michael Lind, but he didn’t just lay down and give up either. Lind earned his victory by beating Moors, and Moors ended up winning the Sportsman of the Year Award for his heartwarming and touching role in the story.

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