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Mötley Crüe Calling It Quits After 33 Years

Motley Crue Press Conference - Motley Crue

One of the greatest and most iconic heavy metal bands has come together as one to make one of the biggest announcements of their career. The band will be embarking on one final tour before they hang up their microphones and guitar straps for good.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Mötley Crüe is calling it quits, for good.

Singer Vince Neil, guitarists Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, and drummer Tommy Lee all agree that the ride has come to an end, and the band will be hanging up their instruments for the final time after the conclusion of their final tour. In fact, they are so serious about the fact that this is the end that every member of the band will be signing a contract to the effect of the end of Mötley Crüe.

Speaking of the final tour, Mötley Crüe will be hitting the road with another heavy metal icon, Alice Cooper.

Motley Crue Press Conference - Alice Cooper

Tickets for some of their shows will be going on sale on Friday; the rest will be on sale on Saturday. There are 72 dates in this tour, which will span the United States and Canada. Unlike some bands, Mötley Crüe wants to make sure that every type of Crüe fan can make it to the show. In fact, there will be tickets for the show that are as low as $15.

On their way to the press conference earlier today, Tommy Lee posted a picture on his Twitter page that shows the band on their way to the press conference in a hearse.

In case you don’t quite believe their seriousness of the matter, Lee followed up with this.

Guitarist Nikki Sixx took to Twitter as well to share his sentiment.

During the press conference, they were asked what they plan on doing with their lives now that their musical journey together as Mötley Crüe is coming to an end.

Vince Neil says that he has been in the restaurant business for quite some time, and this will be something that he will continue to do in the future. He says that he will always be involved in music, this isn’t something that he plans on giving up any time soon, but there is nothing set in stone right now.

Nikki Sixx has quite a few projects in his future. As most of you know, he has a side project known as SIXX: AM. He plans to get back into the studio with them and continue making music. He also said that he is in the process of working on a Broadway play (which will be interesting all by itself,) and he will also be continuing his work on his radio show Sixx Sense.

Tommy Lee is pretty cryptic about what the future holds for him. He told the crowd in attendance that he had some surprises on the way, but there was nothing that he could talk about at the current time.

Mick Mars told everyone that he recently moved to Nashville, and that there are a number of artists there that he plans to work with. He also announced that he plans to aggressively begin work on his solo album. In addition to that, he also has plans to start work on a book about his life, which he joked that he may just write backwards.

At the conclusion of the press conference, their lawyer brought out the official document, which he called a cessation of touring document, for the entire group to sign. In front of a room full of media, they each signed their name to the dotted line, thus marking the end of the road for Mötley Crüe.

Motley Crue Press Conference - Signing

It has been a long, wild ride for the boys from Southern California. I am sure that there are many wonderful things in the future for each of these artists; however, the 33 year journey as Mötley Crüe has found the end of the road, and it will be at the conclusion of this tour.

Did you miss the press conference earlier this afternoon? Do you want to watch as history took place this afternoon? Well, it just so happens that all is not lost. You can watch the announcement right here.


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