Jan 10, 2014; Park City, UT, USA; Travis Gerrits of Canada competes in the qualifying round of the men

Sochi Olympics 2014: Travis Gerrit ‘eats’ fellow skier in hilarious viral video

Athletes train their whole life to participate in the Olympic games. You’re lucky if you make it once. If you happen to make it more than once, well, consider yourself to be among an extremely elite company of people.

That’s something Canadian freestyle skier Travis Gerrit knows very well, who’ll be competing in his first Winter Olympics this year. But, hours after hours practicing on the slopes for the Sochi games can get boring. So what do you do to pass the time? Create hilarious viral videos.

Gerrit, taking a break from practice decided to position himself just right so when fellow Olympic freestyle skier Lydia Lassila came down from her flip off the snow ramp, she’d ‘land’ in the mouth of Gerrit.

I’m sure it took a few takes but the execution was flawless and Lassila looked like she went into the mouth of the ‘hungry’ Gerrit, as he claims in the early moments of the video.

Have a feeling we’ll be subjected to this video non-stop for the next few weeks – but amusing at it is, I don’t think we’ll mind too much.

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