Super Bowl commercials: Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kinglsey star in Jaguar ad (Video)

The Super Bowl is in less than a week which means that we are starting to see previews for the epic ads we can expect to see aired during the big game. One ad that we can expect to see is for the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe, and the luxury car company enlisted some serious Hollywood help to take a unique angle to selling their new car.

Most cars show off their power, their interiors or their statistics, but Jaguar is using British villains to help sell the sleekness of their new car.

Tom Hiddleston and Ben Kinglsey, who both appeared in Marvel films as villains this past year, appear in the ad with Mark Strong, who has played his fair share of movie villains in his career. Strong is also rumored to be involved with Batman vs. Superman which would mean the Jaguar ad is full of not just British movie villains but British comic book movie villains.

Jaguar is taking an interesting approach with their ad, but the commercial just works. A lot of that can be owed to the direction of Oscar winning director Tom Hooper, who was in charge of putting the piece together for Jaguar.

Expect to see the sleek Jaguar adducing the Super Bowl this Sunday on Fox.

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