Xbox Fitness might expand to other platforms besides Xbox One


Xbox Fitness might release on other platforms other than Xbox One in the future, according to Microsoft Studios’ lifestyle entertainment GM Dave McCarthy.

He did an interview with Polygon, and said the firm is currently in the process at bringing some functionality to mobile and tablets, and also looking at the PC.

“I don’t know what the specific form it will take right now, but we’re definitely looking at phones, looking at tablets, looking at PCs and figuring out how we provide a consistent user experience across our devices,” he said.

Xbox Fitness users have performed 1.5 million workouts since it launched with Xbox One in November. It offers a number of video exercises that feature several well known fitness instructors. The console’s Kinect sensor is also used in Xbox Fitness to keep track of the user’s progress and make sure they are doing the exercises correctly.

At the present moment, Xbox Fitness is available for free for paid members of Xbox Live Gold, although Microsoft will add an additional monthly charge to access the service early next year.While some of the video classes are available for free as well, others have prices up to $30 to download.

He also stated that more exclusive content is on the way, that will include some new videos from fitness guru Tracy Anderson.







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