American Horror Story Season 4: When will new American Horror Story return?

Tonight marked the season finale of American Horror Story Coven, and fans are sad to see the show come to an end. But while this current season has been all wrapped up, series creator Ryan Murphy has said a fourth season will indeed happen which means we’re not far away from the show returning to the air.

The biggest question fans have is what will the show be about. So far, the rumor is that the show will be set at a 1950s circus, although nothing has yet been confirmed by FX or Ryan Murphy. We’ve seen fans rally behind this idea though, which could lead the show down the direction of becoming American Horror Story: Circus.

Another question fans have is when will the series return? That’s a much easier question to answer as while an exact premiere date hasn’t been given, the show is expected to debut it’s fourth season in the fall of this year.

Regardless of what the show will be about or when it will be set, American Horror Story will be returning FX in fall 2014, which means that we have roughly eight or nine months to dry our eyes before another season of American Horror Story comes our way.

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  • sillygoose899

    Obsessed with this show! I’m literally in pain and sick that it’s over

  • Oceans

    Its circus. Mertyls pokadot yellow glove red hair outfit, straight up clown forshadowing, and papa legba didnt come in till end of season. Look harder thats a ringmaster!!!

    • Reasonable Fan

      That literally makes no sense at all.

    • Maximo

      say what? lol

  • killedbykimchi

    AHS: Freak Show would be cool.

  • Debbie

    what date does season 4 start???