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Jan 23, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; (Editor

Chris Bosh blows by Kendrick Perkins , finishes with dunk (GIF)

The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder are squaring off. It was supposed to be a match up of LeBron James against Kevin Durant, but so far it is Chris Bosh stealing the show. He blew past Thunder center Kendrick Perkins to slam it home.

Roughly a week or so ago after playing the Los Angeles Lakers, James praised Bosh’s midrange game and what it opens up in the rest of his game.

“We know what he’s capable of doing,” James said, via the USA TODAY. “When he’s got his midrange working like that he’s pretty dangerous. And that rim looked mighty big for him tonight.”

“I like it,” Bosh said. “It’s fun, especially when they’re going in. If you go 8-for-20, that’s no fun. But when the shots are falling and teammates are looking for me, it’s a good feeling.”

It looks like he is set up for a big game.

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