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Dustin Pedroia thinks Boston Red Sox should give David Ortiz 'whatever he wants'

As the Boston Red Sox bottomed out in 2012 and then worked all the way up to World Series champs in 2013, their two star players remained a constant: David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia.

With some unrest between Ortiz and management about his contract situation, Pedroia feels strongly that the Red Sox need to honor what Big Papi has meant to the franchise and give him a contract extension. Speaking with WEEI in Boston, he said the following:

I love David to death. … In my opinion, whatever he wants — for God’€™s sake, he hit .900 in the World Series, you know what I mean? He’€™s one of the guys that when we walk into spring training, you don’€™t even have to worry about what he’€™s going to do during the year. You know it’€™s already done. All you have to do is press play.

“I don’€™t look at David as how much money he makes or what kind of numbers he puts up…I look at David as what he brings to our team and how he’€™s going to help us accomplish our goals, and it goes a lot further than him just being a DH.”

It’s good that Pedroia has his boy’s back, but Ortiz will be 38 years old going into this season. At some point that bat is going to slow down, so at the very least it is reasonable to look at the organization’s side of things.

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