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New US Olympic Bobsledding suits are really tight

The bobsledders were trying on their Olympic uniforms, which were designed by Under Armour, ahead of the games. There is one issue with them, they’re a little tight.  Elana Meyers is seen standing in the uniform in a video teammate Lolo Jones posted to Vine struggling to move and breath, while saying “I can’t even fit in this thing.”

I imagine with some runs in the uniforms they’d stretch out a bit and fit a little better. Of course, I have zero experience with bobsledding uniforms so that is just an assumption. Lolo Jones didn’t seem to think they were tight or mention anything in her Vine and Facebook posts. If anything she seems to think they’re sexy going for this hair wave as she put it on in the Vine and striking a model like pose in the picture uploaded to Facebook.

[h/t] Business Insider

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