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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Appears on the Queen Latifah Show to Discuss Player Safety and the Heads Up Program (Video)

We are just days away from Super Bowl XLVIII. As we told you on Monday, Queen Latifah will be performing during the pregame festivities of the big game as she performs the song “America The Beautiful.” In honor of the big game, Queen Latifah is having NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell along with Former Washington Redskins Linebacker Lavar Arrington along with Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth, PSY.D to discuss player safety and the new Heads Up Football program.

The Commissioner explained what the goal of the Heads Up Football program was and how it can benefit coaches and parents alike.

“Heads Up Football is a safety program for coaches and parents. We teach them proper techniques, especially taking the head out of the play by teaching how to use the front of the shoulder pads to make contact while keeping the chin and eyes up,” says Goodell.

Here is a look at Goodell explaining the program on the show.


As we mentioned before, Goodell was joined on the show by former NFL Linebacker Lavar Arrington. Arrington is now the ambassador to the Heads Up Footballl program, and believes strongly that while a tackle may look incredibly violent, there is a proper way to execute it in which protects the players from any sort of an injury. The program seeks to show young players this method in order to prevent any long-term injuries.


During the show, the Commissioner and Arrington explain the proper method of tackling your opponent. They even teamed up with the Queen herself to give the crowd a little demonstration.


Dr. Pieroth joined them on the show to explain some of the misconceptions not just parents, but in some cases medical professionals have about concussions.


So…when you can see his episode of The Queen Latifah Show? It just so happens that we have this information right here.

The episode will air today. If you would like to know when and where you can watch, you can head to her official website. On the right hand side, you will see a box that says “Where to Watch.” Click that and enter you zip code, and you are off.

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